Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Turns out my best friend is truly skeptical and not trusting of what I am doing.

Well, one thing is for sure is that I don't blame him for being skeptical considering the fact he failed once. But what's disappointing is not about him not wanting to take the business opportunity but the fact that he only thinks it will work once I start generating passive income.

Truth to me is, best friend or not, it is not my job to show people how much I earn because in the end, it solely depends on individual. I can earn a million dollars, but are you willing to sacrifice the time, effort and commitment to work a million dollars worth of efforts? Maybe, maybe not.

My friend failed in Networking once, and never wants to do it again. What was the problem? Well, two things. Wrong company, no effort.

This reflects on everything in life.
I see children and teenagers go to school and when I ask what are they studying for, I get remarkable answers.

"I study because I have to."
"I study because my parents force me to."
"To get a good job with good pay."
"To find my dream job."
"Better education, better pay."

...and the list goes on.

What is the one thing missing from this people is that they do not have a Compelling Reason to study.
Children, and teenagers study hard to get good grades all for what purpose? Truth is, they don't have a purpose. These people are blinded by the fact that you have to study hard, get good grades and find a nice secure job with good pay and employee benefits.

Is this too unfair for this individuals to have their true talents locked up?

Society from school and home brainwash these people and thus never for them to realise how capable they really are.
Pass, fail, this two options create fear to the hearings of this people. If they fail, they think its the end of their lives and that's not it, they think they can never ever go far and thus, they give up to themselves and let society take control of their destiny.

Let me ask you...are you like them, studying hard, to get good grades so to find a secure job with good benefits? How much longer are you going to be stuck in this rat race? Stuck in this comfort zone?

Same as business. You fail once, you get demoralized and parents insult you, calls you stupid and dumb out of pathetic anger, teachers lose faith and friends laugh in school. Would anyone be brough down? 99% would that is for sure.
Live and learn from your mistakes but not many are conditioned to do that because of fear, and emotion society has implanted in them.

You have to fail in order to succeed and sadly, these people's world is not living with that principle. People are taught to be perfect and not make mistake, and the end result?
They would screen the entire situation and have a high chance of not taking action if little risks is involved.

One of the sad thing Poly now teaches or perhaps even in other parts of the world for students of age 17 to 21 would be the amount of heavy loaded projects required. Time consuming and unproductive.

True, they earn the experience to work quick, decisive and multi-task.
However, it destroys the thought of them even wanting to go out with their family due to projects. They lose the sense of urgency in all other areas, lose touch with their own family, and not know the difference between what is urgent and what is important.

Project are done in order to pass the final leg of the race in grades, but if you have to end up sacrifice family and time for this projects that won't help you grow your ability to become a leader, or a person of influence and inspiration, in the long term, everyone suffers.

This is the same in business.
So now I ask you..."What's the risk involved in business that is not the same as the current society?

The difference would be money, but the similarities would be the downfall of the individuals.

Tuesday, August 22, 2006

The world of business is risky, yet it is the one thing that let's you see the real reality of life, and can test your ability to manage what is urgent, and what is important.

Not only that. As much as business is risky yet rewarding, the true rewards is the process to succeed. Through process, you build yourself, you'll meet people, and also, find out who your true friends are. Yes, true friends. To a typical person, they may say business is business, and friends are friends, this are two complete different issues never to be compared.

Well, to my view, it's correct...and incorrect. Slowly as I write about my everyday life in the world of business, you'll come to see what I mean, about what was said above in regards to friends, managment, personal growth and reality.

Today, let us take a few steps back, and come to the very first time, I am exposed to the world of business, the world I never though I'd ever see, and a world I once shoot at as a place for the world of greed, power and shame and to the point I see how beautiful the world of business really is.

Of all blogs I put up, this blog will be the most brutal, most honest and how I truly feel. If friends of mine sees this, I'm sorry if it may offend anyone, hurt anyone, but whatever the case, this is one of the two blogs of the many, that will brutally attack not just anyone INDIRECTLY, but will also attack myself. If you think you may not like what you end up read, then don't, mail me, and I'll change it. Simple? Depends on you.

All of what I say will lead down to the title of this blog.

R.Y.T.H.M...what does it mean, you'll soon know.


Ever since I came out of POE, I wanted to do business.
Risky? Yes.
Need money? Yes.

Your point?

Ever since I wanted to start a business, people from this negative society starts to tell me how risky it can get. People I believed in, laughed when I told them what I wanted to do, what I wanted to be. They say I'll never get far, and they tell me it's too risky. They tell me to show them the money and they will think about joining me in my quest.

...I pity this humans. I feel sad this people close themselves to a world that could give them the one thing they had always wanted. I feel sad this people limit themselves to what they are truly capable off.

Day after day, I read, and I seek the appropriate knowledge to change my mindset of a closed man, to a man with an open mind, with the willingness to learn, and change my mindset to a mindset of a true winner. A man with an identity.

Yes, business is risky, IF you don't know what you are doing.

Isn't driving risky as well if you don't know how to drive?
Isn't investing in stocks and shares risky if you don't know the basics of investing?
Isn't fighting dangerous if you don't know how to train yourself and learn how to kick ass?

So what difference is business? Is it because a higher risk is involved?
Well obviously, and that wouldn't make it fun anyway ya? Ha ha.
Ever since I stepped into the world of business, I learned hundreds of things the school has never taught. Things that my own society diverted me from. Knowledge which was so much more fun to learn compared to what school and what society had to offer, and now, I finally know why the rich become richer. They become richer not because they are greedy, but because they get money to work for them, and this is why I wish to point out the difference between the mindset of the Poor, Middle and Rich.

If you wish to learn together what I have learnt, then I suggest you read on to the next post.